The Era and the Slogan

A Two Dimensional Mixed Media Work



A new era begins with a new slogan for society. The slogans package, arrange, preserve, and speak for societys organic order and environment. Under the illumination of the slogan, society gives off light and becomes thriving and prosperous. Society becomes productivity that interacts with this slogan.

When the era changes, the era has not been replaced; a slogan transformation must occur first. Changes in slogans propel the changes in society and slogans are even more shiny, valuable, and meaningful. Society includes the masses and the authors that produce the slogans; they are like a mirror expressing yin and yang and the minor details of the slogan 



The three red slogan signs regulate the previous era from three perspectives. When they are placed in the context of the I-Ching, the three slogans become ☰, the qian trigram in the I-Ching. Qian means yang, above, determination, and management.

The three gold signs in the two slogans appear a transformational operation. When placed with the context of the I-Ching, it becomes ☳, which in the I-Ching is the trigram for thunder. It also represents gorges and roads, further symbolizing those who forge valiantly ahead. The combination of the top and bottom trigrams is the wuwang diagram, like a road through the mountains. The road through the mountains needs to move forward, allow nature to take its course, and not take any rash action.




August 27, 2008